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Blood Mistress of the Red Mantis
Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 151 (1E)
Legends, pg(s). 56ff. (2E)

Blood Mistress Jakalyn is the current head of the Red Mantis assassins and their ruling Vernai cabal, and therefore is also the de facto ruler of Mediogalti Island2345 and the high priestess of Achaekek.6

Jakalyn, like other Blood Mistresses before her, makes her home on Mediogalti Island in the Crimson Citadel, in the hidden living quarters known as the Faynas within the Odalis, the domain of the Red Mantis elite.7 Although her position is largely ceremonial, she is of great value to the Vernai below her: the Blood Mistress is the only one with access to the Sarzari Library, and is therefore the ultimate arbiter of Achaekek's will.84 Red Mantis members are already speculating about who will succeed her when she finally joins the Mantis God.9


Jakalyn appears to be a woman in her thirties.4 Her features suggest a mixed Tian-Taldan-Nidalese ancestry, making it even difficult to research her origin. A red streak in her hair is meant to honour the blood of her victims and the colour of Achaekek. Unlike her predecessors, Jakalyn eschews the mantis mask and does not try to hide her influence.10


Despite her apparent age, Jakalyn has led the Vernai since the death of Aroden.5 Records of her predecessor and her life before she became blood mistress are all but impossible to track down, and those who try too hard tend to find themselves assassinated. Similarly, the source of her youth is a mystery, since there is no evidence for the Red Mantis securing the sun orchid elixir or using magic to extend her lifespan. Jakalyn often claims that the deaths of her victims keep her young (a technique never seen by other Red Mantis assassins), but has never revealed any proofs and does not care if others believe or not.10

Jakalyn has admitted to have personally performed at least three assassinations: Halamendi Orrus (the first customer of the Gunworks, who never made it out of Alkenstar City, and whose prototype magical firearm Contessa's Sting was never recovered) in 4620 AR; Irlyna Vosh (a Galtan artist whose death is considered to be a flashpoint of the Red Revolution) in 4668 AR; and Chondru Marka (a controversial Magaambya professor who was due to demonstrate recovered Shory magic) in 4700 AR.11 Beyond this, her assassinations are the subject of rumours, from the plausible (like Haldmeer Grobaras) to the outlandish (like Aroden). Jakalyn is content to let these rumours spread and enhance her notoriety.10

Recently, Jakalyn personally voided a contract signed by Abrogail Thrune II to assassinate Kassi Aziril, explaining that the latter was granted immunity to Red Mantis assassinations after having been targeted once on false pretenses. Abrogail subsequently invited Jakalyn to meet with her in Egorian; Jakalyn only demanded Abrogail to not interfere with her work, then publicly announced that she was hired to orchestrate extralegal assassinations, particularly against the Order of the Scourge, despite Abrogail's wishes to keep the meeting secret. No assassination has taken place yet and it is unknown if Jakalyn actually intends to follow through the agreement or not, but the word itself is enough to discourage the Order from investigating Abrogail.1012

Jakalyn has also been approached with an anonymous request to assassinate Tar-Baphon, whom the messenger argued to be no legitimate ruler, but a power-hungry godhood seeker, an affront to Achaekek. Frustrated by how the sender tried to remain anonymous, she publicly announced the incarceration of the messenger. Her investigations eventually revealed the messenger to hail from Razmiran; rumour has it that she is still considering the contract on Tar-Baphon, or is planning a retaliation against Razmir.12


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