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Titles Head of the Scions of Revenge
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Elf
Class Sorcerer 12
Gender Female
Homeland Imvrildara, Fierani Forest, Kyonin
Deity Calistria
Organization Imvrildarai; formerly Lantern Bearers

Source: Inner Sea Temples, pg(s). 57

Keshmarada leads the Scions of Revenge within the Imvrildarai, an ancient order of militaristic Calistrian priests in the southern Fierani Forest of Kyonin.[1]


Keshmarada was an operative of the secretive Shin'Rakorath who fought Treerazer's demons deep behind the Tanglebriar. Some time around 4616 AR, she became trapped in the Abyss for decades before finding her way back to the Material Plane.[2]

Upon her return, she was rejected and hunted by the Shin'Rakorath as an abomination. She escaped and wandered Kyonin in exile for years before finding sanctuary in Imvrildara. While she found a compatible philosophy in Calistria's vengeful portfolio, she retained her rage against both the Shin'Rakorath and Treerazer, and attempts to manipulate the Imvrildarai into turning on Kyonin's regime by accusing it of being complicit in Treerazer's calamity.[2]

She succeeded the order's current High Priestess Delerenai Ashwalker, the former head of the Scions of Deceit, in 4714 AR after the previous High Priest Rekaereil Sandurei was assassinated by cambions.[1]