Kettermaul Charthagnion

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Kettermaul Charthagnion

Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 18

Archheathen Kettermaul Charthagnion is the mayor of the city of Corentyn. He is a former captain in the Chelish Navy and a fair administrator. A traditionalist in the new infernal Cheliax, he maintains power through pacts with various devils and a close professional friendship with Lictor Uro Adom of the Order of the Chain.

Kettermaul strongly influences, if not outright controls the Hellknights in the city. He is frequently accompanied by his gelugon advisor, Oronothos, in public. The two have adjoining offices in the Archheathen's Manor, one of a cluster of government buildings overlooking the harbor.

Kettermaul is a handsome, muscular, dark-haired man. He is an excellent dancer, and usually attends every noble ball accompanied by his wife Iridelia, though he finds most noble pursuits wearisome. Kettermaul and Iridelia's marriage was a marriage of convenience for political reasons and they sleep in separate rooms, often with separate lovers. The nobles fight for their attention nonetheless.1

Kettermaul has, however, fallen out of favor with his family, as he no longer treats his dealings with Asmodeus and Hell as a religion, but instead considers it a matter of business and necessity.2