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Uro Adom

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Uro Adom
Titles Lictor
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 5 / Hellknight 7
Gender Male
Homeland Cheliax
Organization Order of the Chain, Hellknights

Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 61

Lictor Uro Adom is the Osirion-born head of the Order of the Chain, a Hellknight order based near the Chelish city of Corentyn. For the past decade, he has been negotiating with the governments of Cheliax, Nidal, Taldor, Rahadoum, and even Lastwall, offering to house the Inner Sea region's most notorious criminals in the Order's prison-headquarters, Citadel Gheradesca. In return, the Order receives hefty annual tithes from those nations. The Order's Master of Blades, Mardinus, is a former slave of Adom's, showing how far one can rise within the organization by obeying the social order.[1][2]