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Gelugons, or ice devils, are the strategic geniuses guiding Hell's armies. They are among the most alien of all devils, but are also possessed of brilliant minds and afforded great respect in the infernal hierarchy.1


Towering over most mortals at 12 feet tall and weighing 700 pounds, gelugons appear as monstrous humanoid insects with emotionless multifaceted eyes and long hornlike antennae. They typically wield frigid enchanted spears. Although they lack wings, gelugons can fly through magical levitation.1

Habitat and society

Gelugons are created from lesser devils, typically hamatulas or osyluths that have shown exceptional cunning. Cast into the endless frozen wasteland of Cocytus, Hell's seventh layer, those with the wits to survive for 500 years metamorphose into gelugons. Most then migrate to the eighth Hell, Caina, where they take their place in courts of frozen steel as some of Hell's most brilliant masterminds.12

Gelugons prefer solitude, lairing in icy, alien hermitages in Hell's lower layers where they meditate upon ways to spread Hell's influence throughout the planes. When summoned by mortals, they accept their summoners' control but always look for ways to turn their would-be masters' plots to their own purposes. Gelugons are difficult to summon since very few material offerings can sway their logical minds; only promises of an exchange of services suit them. Thanks to their perfect memories, gelugons often revisit their summoners years or even centuries later to force them to keep their word.3


Gelugons have a suite of magical abilities, including flight, teleportation, the ability to create powerful illusions, and the ability to summon osyluths. They regenerate from most wounds except those from holy sources, and radiate an aura of fear. In addition to the defenses common to all devils, gelugons are completely immune to the effects of cold and possess an uncanny control over ice, with the ability to generate intense blasts of cold, conjure walls of ice, create devastating blizzards, or freeze those they strike with their spears with numbing cold.1

Notable gelugons

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