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From PathfinderWiki
Type Monstrous humanoid
CR 3
Environment Any underground
(Kaer Maga)

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 22

The khaei[1] are a race of diminutive, monstrous humanoid creatures with long, gangly, and disjointed limbs who dwell in the deep caverns beneath the ancient city of Kaer Maga in Varisia.[2]


Khaei are short, stunted, bald creatures with twisted gangly limbs and bodies that trail off into shadows. A typical khaei stands four feet tall and weighs 100 pounds.[2]


Khaei are created from the unbound petitioners of the Dimension of Time who got shunted off from Stethelos to the Material Plane. They keep no memories of their genesis, but vaguely remember and cherish a time or place where their numbers were far bigger, their cavern-forests linked by standing stones. Because of this, some scholars speculate that the khaei might be unstuck in time, perhaps coming from a different time.[2][3]

Khaei are capable of forcefully, rapidly, and debilitatively ageing a foe with their touch, although this ability only works once per opponent per khaei, and also harms the khaei themselves.[2]


Khaei live in isolated underground villages. Dull and incurious creatures, they rarely try to leave their homes or change their situation. The Dark Forest deep below Kaer Maga is home to the only khaei community in the Inner Sea region, where they live in fear of the Dark Rider, and refuse to approach his Black Keep.[2][4]