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King of Biting Ants

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King of Biting Ants
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Variant worm that walks (formerly human)
Class Sorcerer 14 / archmage 4
Gender Male
Homeland Doorway to the Red Star, Mwangi Expanse

Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 9

The King of Biting Ants was a strange sorcerer whose body consisted of a swarm of poisonous insects. He set up a stronghold at the Doorway to the Red Star in the Mwangi Expanse. The sorcerer was defeated long ago by the legendary Ten Magic Warriors.[1][2] It is unknown if he was truly destroyed or if he was exiled to Akiton through the Doorway.[3] However, some legends state that Old-Mage Jatembe did indeed slay the King of Biting Ants and then sealed up the ruins of the Doorway to the Red Star.[4]