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Ten Magic Warriors

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The Ten Magic Warriors were ancestral heroes of the Zenj tribes of the Mwangi Expanse and disciples of Old-Mage Jatembe.[1]


According to legend, there was a great Mwangi civilization in the Mwangi Expanse, which was wiped out by the fall of the Starstone that ushered in the Age of Darkness. The Magic Warriors gave up everything—even their names, known to history only by their golden masks in the forms of fantastic jungle creatures—to maintain this lost civilization's culture and learning in the disaster's aftermath.

Jatembe and the Warriors defeated evildoers such as the King of Biting Ants, whose stronghold was the Doorway to the Red Star. They also established schools of learning, such as the Magaambya, in Nantambu,[1] and became advisers to and protectors of the people.[2] The Warriors aided Jatembe's creation of the Ring of Nine Facets.[3]


The Warriors are represented in mosaic on the ten towers of the Magaambya. There are no known tombs for any of them.[2]

Some credit Jatembe and his Warriors with the destruction of Ird, a lost city whose surviving relics paint a picture of a foul and decadent culture.[4]

The Iobane consider themselves spiritual successors to the Warriors as they defend the Doorway to the Red Star.[5]


The warriors, led by Jatembe, included: [6]

Among the Zenj, some arcanists proffer disputed claims that as many as three of the Ten were themselves arcanists.[7]


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