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Source: Rage of Elements, pg(s). 212

Kizidhars are genies from the Elemental Plane of Wood.1


An average kizidhar is between 10 and 12 feet tall. Their branches reshape to form their humanoid-like features, or any wooden object, though most are so vain that they consider their own forms to already be perfect.2

Kizidhar shuyookhs

The powerful kizidhar leaders of the Plane of Wood's metropolis of Nodollin are kizidhar shuyookhs.3 These especially arrogant kizidhars manipulate all who they view as inferior, including other kizidhars, into accomplishing their goals.3 Grand Sultana Eshal Muazzam Rayadii deploys shuyookhs representing Nodollin as diplomats to the Universe.3

They view their wish magic as a means of artistic expression, improving and growing it organically into the wish's ultimate form. These improvements often include a signature element unique to the wish-granting kizidhar shuyookh.3


Kizidhars are prideful and overbearing crafters, carpenters, and woodcarvers known for manipulating other beings as readily as they do wood. They avoid other beings of similar power, including other genies, in favor of sycophantic followers to whom they can show off their natural crafts. Some exchange these goods for services, though they always negotiate for the best bargains for themselves.2

Kizidhars can understand, but not speak, Common tongues and Muan. They can also speak with plants.2


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