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A jocta.
Type Outsider
(air, earth, fire, or water)
CR ½
Environment Any desert or elemental plane

Source: Qadira, Gateway to the East, pg(s). 31
See also: Zhyen

Jocta[1] are zhyen who were enslaved, exploited, and humiliated by cruel masters. This abuse physically transforms them into an even smaller creature that more resembles a humanoid—growing legs, losing its hair, and taking on a duller skin color. The transformation frees them from their servitude but leaves their personality permanently affected; many gravitate toward chaos or evil as a result.[2]

While they can be summoned like zhyen and have many of the same abilities, jocta are reluctant servants or outright uncooperative and driven primarily to petty thievery from their former abusive master.[2]


  1. Jocta is both the singular and plural form.
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