Black jinni

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Black jinni
A black jinni.

(chaotic, evil, extraplanar)
Warm deserts
Source: The Impossible Eye, pg(s). 82-83

Black jinn, also known as black ghosts or nisnases, are a cursed tribe of genies nearly forgotten even by their own kin. They are considered bearers of ill will and destruction upon mortals and their own kind alike.12


A black jinni resembles a dark, muscular, fiendish, and unnaturally proportioned humanoid obscured by a perpetual cloud of desert-smelling dust.3

Habitat and society

Black jinn roam distant wastes of the Material Plane and Elemental Planes alike, though most hide for ages in lost cities and far-flung strongholds. They destroy any living creatures who approach such sites, which only enhances these locations' reputations as cursed places of great wealth. The few black jinn who wander are drawn to civilization, even challenging mortals to fatal battles of wits or cursing communities into slow decline.1

Their violent behavior and isolation makes study of black jinn difficult, even by other genies. One theory holds that genies can be corrupted into black jinn through forbidden magic, sacred sites, or provoked misfortune, but such instances are rare and mostly undocumented.1

On Golarion

Few encounter black jinn on Golarion, and even fewer survive such an event. Black jinn terrorize deserts with sudden and violent electrical sandstorms, and their victims either disappear or are killed, leaving only charred or glass-glazed corpses in their wake.21

The Isle of Black Palms near Katapesh is thought to host a black jinn, as a strange tower amid its ruins still appears to be inhabited. All who approach the island are driven off by unnatural misfortunes, and none who reach it are heard from again.1