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Type Tribe
Headquarters Yamasa, Sodden Lands
Goals Cannibalism
Scope National
Structure Tribal

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 175

The Koboto were the ruling caste of the lost nation of Yamasa (the southern part of what is now the Sodden Lands). They survived the destruction of their country by the Eye of Abendego by defying their ancient taboos in order to engage in cannibalism and foul necromancy.

They have a tribal culture led by spellcasters, and worship three deities who they refer to as the Sar-Gorog, or Three Feasters. They believe that by appeasing these three foul beings they can prevent further disasters striking their homeland. They regularly sacrifice non-Koboto to these gods, requiring them to launch raids in search of new victims. Some of these raids are made against ships sailing closely to their flooded coastline.[1]

Tribal chieftains wear fearsome goz masks.[2]

The Koboto gather each summer in Kokutang, Yamasa's drowned capital.[3]