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Capital Kokutang
Ruler was Koboto caste
Demonym Yamasans
Adjective Yamasan
Religions Animism, juju, spiritual awareness, worship of lesser-known spirits such as wendo or ancestral guardians

Yamasa (pronounced yah-MAH-sah)[1] was once a proud, albeit comparatively primitive, agricultural land in western Garund.[2] It was founded in 3257 AR by farmers who broke off from the nation of Lirgen.[3]


In its prime, Yamasa controlled a large part of the trade of western Garund.[2] It was organised in a caste system, with the ruling caste known as the Koboto.

Yamasa was completely unprepared for the advent of the Eye of Abendego, and the storms struck with particular ferocity. Countless Yamasans died; whilst few would have been able to successfully flee the fury of the storm, there are rumours that they deliberately chose to stay behind rather than abandon their homeland.

Nevertheless, some of the Koboto managed to survive. Today, they have broken their ancient tribal taboos and engage in cannibalism and necromancy and somehow manage to continue to exist in what are now known as the Sodden Lands.[4]


The capital city of Kokutang still stands alongside the Crab River. Much of it has been reduced to underground, flooded caves, but there are still a few building on the surface. The Koboto use it as a seasonal gathering place.[5]