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Kordaitra Destaid

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Kordaitra Destaid

Lady Tearless
Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 251

Kordaitra Destaid is the former second-in-command and quartermaster of the Gray Maidens.1


As her superior Sabina Merrin was busy with commanding the Gray Maidens and serving Ileosa Arabasti as a confidant, Kordaitra's work effectively kept the Gray Maidens running. She was frustrated with how she perceived Sabina to be taking credit for what she did.1


During the reign of King Eodred Arabasti II, Kordaitra served as a knight-enforcer in the church of Asmodeus in Korvosa. After the king's death, she was tasked with sending the church's condolences to his wife and successor Ileosa; she presented her sorrow by carving tears into her face and presenting Ileosa with the bloody dagger. A week later, Ileosa saw Kordaitra's unhealed disfigurement at Eodred's public funeral.2

Ileosa asked Kordaitra why she did not have the wound healed, and Kordaitra said that doing so would be a sign of disloyalty. Ileosa requested Kordaitra to aid her in engendering the loyalty of a new martial order. Kordaitra accepted, and over the next months, she subjected those whom Ileosa or Sabina sent her to a brutal training regime, with lashings as lessons, scars as badges of loyalty, and brutal deaths to the lacking. The fear of Kordaitra 'encouraged' many Gray Maidens to commit atrocities they could never do otherwise, and kept their loyalty despite their collective psychological damage.21

After a band of heroes overthrew Ileosa, Kordaitra escaped Korvosa, and the new government put a bounty on her head. It is said that she was sheltered by the church of Asmodeus and sent to Isger, Nidal, or Cheliax to drill less-than-willing crusaders.2