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Lacuna Codex

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The Lacuna Codex is a book that played a part in the battles between the Whispering Tyrant and the kings of Ustalav.[1][2] It may contain the spells that the powerful Lord Virholt was able to cast when he died, and have since been lost.[3] These spells are so powerful that they can rip the very fabric of the world and kill hundreds at a time.[4] It was translated from ancient Thassilonian, and is rumored to be one of the earliest writings of the cult of Urgathoa.[1] The original Codex is a large book, bound in human skin, knitted together. Some of these pieces of skin still show distinctive body parts such as lips and ears.[4]

In 4711 AR, Count Varian Jeggare found the volume with about 40 others in the vaults of Lord Virholt.[4] Unfortunately, a cult of Norgorber has the original book,[5] but the spell steal book was used to erase it and copy it into another set of pages.[6] The Chelish venture-captain was then responsible for the transport this only copy of the recently rediscovered book to the Decemvirate in Absalom.[7]