Leeara Mulvayne

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Leeara Mulvayne
Race/Species Human (id mutant)
Class Ranger 4 / Rogue 5
Gender Female
Homeland Dustpawn, Isger

Source: Doom Comes to Dustpawn, pg(s). 9-10

Leeara Mulvayne is the Mineshaft inn's chef and a former grifter, hired by Dalviss Crenn in 4708 AR after he caught her running a con scheme in the tavern. She frequently forages ingredients from Old Frog Swamp near Dustpawn, using a small grotto as her base.

Her suspicions about strangers in town led her to a hideout for Dominion of the Black cultists, who shot her with a crossbow bolt laced with dream crystal toxin that initiated her transformation into a cat-like id mutant.[1]