Conerica River

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The Conerica River begins high in the northernmost Five Kings Mountains near the settlement of Dustpawn, close to the IsgerDruma border. From here it flows westward into the Isgeri plains, past the towns of Saringallow and Logas before entering Cheliax at its confluence with the Keld River near the town of Misarias. Past this settlement, the Conerica takes on a new name: the Iseld River.12

The Conerica is navigable by river boats along much of its length, and is part of a major Chelish–Druman trade route known as the Conerica Straits, which provides much of the region's prosperity.3

Two of its tributaries, the Grackle and Skunk Rivers, flow through the Dustpawn hinterlands, along with the smaller Dustpawn Creek.4


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