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Lich newt

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Lich newt
Type Animal
CR ¼
Environment Temperate marshes and plains

Source: Trail of the Hunted, pg(s). 82

Lich newts are amphibious creatures that grow to be about a foot long; they are native to the Nesmian Plains of Nirmathas, mainly confined to the Inkwater River. Lich newts are named for their black-and-white coloring, and can exude a paralyzing mucus if attacked by predators. Orcs in the Fangwood will capture lich newts and refine their mucus into a poisonous weapon blanch. As scavengers, lich newts tend to show up on battlefields to feast on the bodies of fallen soldiers, giving them a reputation as a bad omen. Witches and wizards with lich newt familiars can more easily shrug off poisons and disease.[1]