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Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species White dragon (young)
Gender Male
Homeland Whitethrone, Irrisen
Organization Winter Guard

Source: The Shackled Hut, pg(s). 32

Logrivich is a young white dragon who was appointed by Queen Elvanna to the Winter Guard and made his lair in Whitethrone. From the sturdy stone clock tower that was renovated to host the dragon and the ice troll Winter Guards that were assigned to him, the dragon overlooked the city so that he could respond quickly to threats from any quarter.[1] Logrivich's Clock Tower is located in the western edge of Ironside district.[2]

Logrivich has not been seen following Elvanna's deposition as Queen of Irrisen, fueling speculation that he has either left the city or that he perished during Whitethrone's recent troubles.[3]