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Ice troll

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Ice troll

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Type Humanoid
(cold, giant)
CR 4
Environment Cold mountains or underground
Images of ice trolls

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 271

A variant of the more common troll, blue-skinned ice trolls dwell in the coldest reaches of the world, particular in the northernmost reaches of Golarion.[1]


Ice trolls are slightly smaller than regular trolls, but at ten feet tall still tower over most humanoids. They possess the typical troll overbite and stooping posture, however. Unlike normal trolls, their colour tends to be icy blue-green, and they tend to wield weapons and even wear primitive clothing or armour.[1]

Habitat and ecology

Ice trolls dwell in the coldest reaches of the world and are particularly prominent in Irrisen, where they serve the White Witches as merciless enforcers of their cruel rule from the frontier border region of the Verge[2] to the capital of Whitethrone, where ice trolls have been granted control of an entire district.[3][4] White Witches are not the ice trolls' only allies, as they often find themselves working with vicious frost giants.[1]

Ice trolls might be smaller than normal trolls, but they are also much more intelligent, even using weapons and armour. In the heat of battle, however, they are quite likely to abandon their weapons for the sheer joy of tearing an opponent to pieces with their own claws. Their intelligence also makes ice trolls tougher opponents, as rather than giving in to bestial rage, they instead employ cunning tactics to subdue those who use fire to bypass their natural regeneration. Being more cunning, they sometimes capture humans—their favourite food—and fatten them up to eat later. Ice troll society is based around small family groupings.[1] Ice trolls are known to sometimes keep winter wolves as much-abused pets, relying on their immunity to cold and trollish regeneration to survive the wolves' sharp fangs and freezing breath.[5]