This article contains spoilers for the following products: Year of the Sky Key, especially Test of Tar Kuata
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Titles Princess
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Female
Homeland Tar Kuata, Barrier Wall, Osirion; originally Jormurdun

Source: Test of Tar Kuata, pg(s). 3

Logyra was a dwarven princess of Jormurdun who fled after an invasion around 1600 AR. She was one of four heirs to the throne entrusted with pieces of the Sky Key by her father, who was Jormurdun's last king.[1]


After fleeing with her Sky Key fragment, Logyra and her retinue traveled to Garund and joined the Pahmet, a race of desert-dwelling dwarves of Osirion. They then joined the monastic Ouat in remote Tar Kuata, where Logyra influenced their philosophical break from ancient dwarven traditions and inspired them to focus inwardly toward self-perfection.[1]