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Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Dryad
Class Swashbuckler 2
Gender Male
Homeland Court of Spears, Whisperwood
Companion(s) Lencia Visserene

Source: The Hellfire Compact, pg(s). 48, 52–53

Losoni is a dryad bound to a clonal titan aspen colony in the Whisperwood. Because the colony is a single organism and shares a single root system, Losoni can nimbly traverse what looks to most visitors like a large grove of trees, rather than being bound to a single trunk like most dryads.[1]

An abandoned bandit fortress known as the Court of Spears hangs within the colony above the forest floor, and Losoni has helped Lencia Visserene rebuild the fort into a secret base for the Glorious Reclamation in exchange for her promise to help protect and spread the titan aspens.[1][2]


Losoni previously struck a pact with the Feign Prince Lairsaph, a bandit leader who sought a base of operations for his band of brigands, in 4631 AR. Lairsaph initially began building his base in the colony without Losoni's permission, incurring the dryad's wrath and costing him two of his men. Losoni and Lairsaph then dueled, but struck their agreement in the middle of it: Lairsaph could build his redoubt while defending and expanding Losoni's home tree.[2]

After being tracked down by the Chelish army and mercenaries, Lairsaph abandoned the Court of Spears and Losoni rather than fight—and potentially endanger—the grove and fort. It remained vacant until Lencia Visserene rediscovered it in 4716 AR and struck her own similar pact with Losoni.[3]


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