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Lencia Visserene

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Lencia Visserene

Angel Knight
Source: The Hellfire Compact, pg(s). 58

Lencia Visserene is a zealous paladin of the Glorious Reclamation and ex-beggar who wears an angel mask to conceal her self-inflicted scars.1


After the loss of her nose, lips and cheek, Lencia looks shockingly frightful, with a death's head rictus and horrifying scars. She always wears a suit of plate armour featuring mock wings crafted with eagle feathers and a helmet sculpted with a celestial visage.1


Lencia was born in the alleys of Egorian, capital of Cheliax, and never knew her parents. She spent her childhood as a beggar, but despite hardships, she never stole nor killed anyone. In her desperate youth, she ran into the priests of Zon-Kuthon, who did not offer charity, but taught the beggars how to exploit the kindness of others: thousands of beggars were competing for a finite amount of charity from generous people, so only the most pitiful could stand out. Lencia was given a knife and instructed to cut away her nose, lips and cheek, becoming part of the denatsate, Egorian's class of self-mutilated and most desperate beggars.1

The disfigured Lencia indeed earned more money from begging, but lost her hope of not spending her days begging from alleys, of not provoking children's tears, or of being something more. As the Kuthites secretly desired, she started loathing herself, and she soon found herself dying of blood loss in a nameless alley. However, she was discovered by a family of devout Iomedaeans, who took her to Isger and nursed her to health. She became a devout Iomedaean as well and started wearing a stained veil to hide her mutilated face.1

When praying one day, Lencia met the paladin Alexeara Cansellarion, who asked her why she hid her face and what she prayed for. Lencia honestly answered both questions: she prayed for her new family, to be better than she once was, and to thank the goddess, but not for herself. She accepted Alexeara's offer to repay Iomedae's mercy by spreading her word and justice, eventually becoming a paladin as well and being gifted with her distinctive armour by Alexeara.1

During the siege of Citadel Dinyar, Lencia earned the sobriquet 'Angel Knight' for her zeal and unique armour. She became a knight-inheritor in the Glorious Reclamation, and was tasked with preparing Longacre as a bastion for the coming crusade by sharing the Glorious Reclamation's light.1


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