Lurker of the Woods

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The Lurker of the Woods
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Worm that walks
Class Sorcerer 11 (Abyssal bloodline)
Gender Female
Homeland Ustalav

Source: Demon's Heresy, pg(s). 73-74

The Lurker of the Woods is a worm that walks sorceress roaming the borders of the Shudderwood, in the north of Ustalav. Once a proud member of a Sarkorian tribe, this sorceress emerged as a cave-loving worm that walks after years of dabbling in fiendish magic. Devoid of her humanity, the Lurker of the Woods now calls Abyssal creatures to her lair and binds them for study and cruel experiments, trying to siphon their otherworldly magic. Her real name has been lost to time.[1]


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