Rimeflow River

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The Rimeflow River flows west out of the Glacier Lake at the centre of the witch realm of Irrisen. It passes the city of Algidheart on its way to the border with the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. At the border it is fed by its tributary called the Iceflow.1


Within the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, the river continues its generally western flow passing first watchful Blackraven Hall, then the city of Trollheim. After Trollheim, it is joined by its second main tributary, the Thundering River. The Rimeflow then meanders through the country until, at its estuary, the river passes on its southern banks the de facto capital of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings: Kalsgard, with its vast shipyards. Here the tributary Rannveig's Run joins the flow of the Rimeflow from within the city. While Kalsgard passes on the southern bank, the gnome settlement of Iceferry passes on its northern banks. Beyond Kalsgard, the Rimeflow flows out into the Steaming Sea.2

Source of food

In the Thanelands, the Rimeflow is the source of great fertility in the lands immediately neighbouring it and to the south. The river also provides great quantities of fish, though fishing can be hard due to the fearsome fish in the river, such as giant gars and carnivorous trout.3


The Rimeflow was the historic southern border of the first Linnorm Kingdom of Saebjorn Arm-Fang. He attempted to expand his domain to the south of the river, but never succeeded, and eventually disappeared while traveling to confront the great linnorm Fafnheir.4