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Mamiost Vermal

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Mamiost Vermal
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human
Class Oracle 6 / Spiritualist 8
Gender Male
Homeland Sodden Lands
Deity Azathoth
Organization Followers of the Sunken Sign
Companion(s) Hrut-Bja (phantom)

Source: Occult Realms, pg(s). 35

Mamiost Vermal is a renegade member of the Saoc Brethren who discovered the ancient Ghol-Gani Temple of the Sunken Sign before the death of Aroden. They initially saw it as a source of knowledge, but gained nothing but insanity and depravity from it, and subsequently became the Azathoth-worshipping Followers of the Sunken Sign under Vermal's leadership. Vermal's lifespan and madness are enhanced by his phantom Hrut-Bja, a cyclops who lived in the twilight years of Ghol-Gan and who also worshipped Azathoth.[1]