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Large city
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 113

The city of Martel is in the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar, along the Ustradi River west of Alkenstar City and east of the Gunworks. Its most notable features are the two enormous buildings that make up most of the city, which are connected by a number of stone and metal bridges. The Grand Duchy of Alkenstar maintains an extensive treasury in Martel, composed of vaults below the city that are guarded by both clockwork and explosive traps.1

The Grand Duchy's gunmarshals make their headquarters in Martel. Additionally, the town is the center of banking for the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar, where the financial practices are as advanced as Alkenstar's level of technology. While this makes Alkenstar effective in their financial dealings, it has left the city-state with a slightly-less-than-trusted reputation throughout the Inner Sea region.2


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