Mase Darimar

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Mase Darimar
Titles Pirate lord
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Aquatic half-elf
Class Druid 8 / Fighter 4
Gender Male
Homeland Drenchport, the Shackles
Deity Gozreh
Organization Wavecrest

Source: Tempest Rising, pg(s). 70

Mase Darimar is a pirate lord and captain of the Wavecrest.[1]


Mase is the son of an aquatic elf man and Bonuwat woman.[1]


After being press-ganged into piracy from a life of slavery on a Chelish galleon, Mase worked his way into the service of the Master of Gales in Drenchport. The pirate lord and his innate bond with the seas inspired Mase to become a druid of Gozreh, and to eventually join the Pirate Council.[1]


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