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Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 38

Mirnura was once the capital of Jistka Imperium, founded by the legendary hero Arustun. The city was named after Arustun's beloved wife. It was situated on what is now the northern coast of Rahadoum, on the Fallen Peninsula north of the Path of Salt. Mirnura was the main target in Ancient Osirion's campaign to destroy the Jistkan empire. When Osirians burned the city to the ground, they used millions of tons of salt to eradicate all signs of life around it. The Path of Salt region got its name from this epic razing.

Sometimes hints of monuments are revealed during powerful sandstorms and the vaults of Jistkan emperors are thought to show themselves to individuals of royal Jistkan descent. One of these vaults, known among the treasure hunters as the Halite Crypt, lies in epic depths and it is said that a Jistkan behemoth golem by the name Helatoros still protects the farthest reaches of the crypt.1