Behemoth golem

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Behemoth golem
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Temperate and warm deserts
Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 40-41

The most impressive of the Jistka Imperium's golems were the colossal behemoth golems. The priest-artificers infused these elephantine goliaths with fiend-tainted compounds and fueled them with the spirits of daemons, devils, and demons. Their unholy, incredible power provided the generals of the Jistka Imperium with the additional power they need to confront the Ancient Osirion divs and necromantic elemental outsiders.1


Behemoth golems resemble armored mammoths with a castle attached to their back. Their "flesh" is in fact made of tons of stone (approximately 70 tons) and their tusks and teeth are carved from rare minerals similar to ivory. Their main body is 40 feet tall with the highest part of the castle on their back reaching 60 feet.2


The method of constructing a behemoth golem was believed to have been lost, along with so much of Jistkan lore. If they exist, the knowledge required for the construction of these mammoth beings could be found in Jistka's fabled behemoth golem manuals.2