Tomb of Emperors

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The Tomb of Emperors is presumably a ruin of the ancient Jistka Imperium located today in the nation of Rahadoum. It is situated in the eastern desert, beyond the Uta River,1 and is a destination for the Pathfinders of Swordmeet Lodge in Manaket.2

The Tomb of Emperors was a sprawling, colonnaded structure built at the Oasis of Xerapsion and it is known to have housed treasures made by famous Jistkan artisans. The Tomb was originally dedicated to the fifth ruler of Jistka Imperium, Inperantike Eraliskos, after her death at a decisive battle at Xeraspion—a battle that expanded the Imperium to the region east of the Uta. The nomadic tribes of the area became so impressed by the monument that a lot of nomads joined the Imperium army, forming an entire legion. Ancient Osirian invaders and their div allies looted the surface of the structure and most of its offering chambers during the era of the Night Plague but the Tekritani refused to further pillage the Tomb, leaving its lower levels and catacombs untouched.3


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