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Nuat is a large island in the Arcadian Ocean opposite the city of Botosani on Garund's northwestern shore.12


Nuat is located about fifty miles off the western coast of Rahadoum and serves as the Rahadoumi Navy's first line of defence against the pirates of the Shackles to the south. The navy maintains a sizeable fleet here, and the sea lanes leading to the Rahadoumi capital of Azir, which pass by Nuat, are heavily patrolled. This deters all but the bravest or most foolhardy of smugglers and pirates.34

Most of the island is flat and at close to sea level, and it enjoys warm rain from the south, and is the most fertile land in Rahadoum. Much of it is given over to fishing and agriculture,4 and large amounts of food are exported to the mainland, especially the nearby capital of Azir.3

The island is particularly at risk from storms, and the inhabitants are very superstitious. The Pure Legion tolerates these beliefs, which include legends of the Thin Men, spirits that are said to haunt the island's cane fields.34


A recently decoded carving on the Pathfinder Society ship, the Grinning Pixie, has suggested that an abandoned sedacthy5 city lies on the ocean floor off Nuat's western coast, but so far no one has investigated the rumor.6


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