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Nation Rahadoum
Size Metropolis
Population 26,780
Adjective Manaketi[1]

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 123

The port city of Manaket on Rahadoum's northern coast was once famous for its lush gardens, but these all dried up a hundred years ago as the desert encroached ever further into the settlement. To combat this ongoing ecological disaster, wizards from the city's arcane academy, the Occularium, have begun planning an intricate series of shifting trenches and barrier walls to drive the sands back, even hiring mechanical engineers from the technologically advanced Grand Duchy of Alkenstar,[2] and calling on the advice of local brass dragons.[3] Significant resources have been spent to studying the feasibility of this and other projects[4] and, today, the city is considered the focus of learning in Rahadoum.[5]

Some fear that the encroaching desert is a punishment by the gods for the heresy of Rahadoum, though few have the temerity to say such a thing publicly.[6]

The Pathfinder Society has a foothold in the city, and Venture-Captain Obo dispatches field agents from the Swordmeet Lodge.[7] One of its more recent missions was a covert action to combat an outbreak of the Night Plague around the city in 4710 AR.[8]

Manaket is also home to a large and influential thieves' guild.[9]