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Mirror man
Mirror men surround a defeated Merisiel.

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Source: The Shackled Hut, pg(s). 88

Mirror men are intelligent humanoid constructs designed to be the White Witches' spies and enforcers. They resemble lithe humans dressed in a thick cloak, but with a mirror hiding a hole where the face would be. They cannot speak, instead relying on telepathy, but prefer to communicate with Irrisen's citizens via hand signs.1


The bodies of mirror men are organless, faceless, dessicated corpses. Their magically preserved flesh is gray, and they disguise their forms under hooded cloaks.1

Role in Irriseni society

Mirror men were first created by the Jadwiga under the rule of Elvanna during the last century, and made to be an alternative to the Iron Guard that was loyal to the Jadwiga rather than Baba Yaga. Designed to serve as secret police, the mirror men have been granted significant powers to search and detain anyone but the Jadwiga. They remain intelligent despite their construct nature and exercise cunning and mercilessness in their investigations.1

Mirror men are commonly found in major cities in Irrisen, notably Whitethrone and Algidheart. Using specific spells, Jadwiga can use the mirrored faces of mirror men as scrying focuses. Mirror men cannot resist this in the rare case a non-Jadwiga mage is able to cast those spells, but are able to detect this situation and take steps to thwart the "intruder".1


A mirror man is painfully created using the body of a living creature, typically a human, who dies during the construction. The soul of the creature is bound into the mirror, which is mounted onto the head. This process prevents the soul from reaching the River of Souls or being resurrected. Criminals are commonly used as material for both the flesh and soul; the victim's memories are erased, but the skills they possessed in life are retained.1


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