Monastery of Unfolding Wind

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Monastery of Unfolding Wind
A djinni whose fighting techniques are taught at the Monastery of Unfolding Wind.

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 84f.

The Monastery of Unfolding Wind is one of the four monastic orders comprising the Houses of Perfection. The Monastery of Unfolding Wind is one of the most renowned martial arts monasteries of the Inner Sea region with applicants flocking from neighbouring nations to learn the order's secretive techniques.1 The Monastery of Unfolding Wind's secret martial art techniques include styles allowing their trained monks to fight like a djinnigenies from the Elemental Plane of Air—and to move like the wind.2 Equipped solely "with the air itself," practitioners of the Unfolding Wind discipline specialize in unarmed combat techniques, transforming their bodies into lethal weapons through rigorous training.3


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