Monastery of Untwisting Iron

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Monastery of Untwisting Iron

Grand Master of Untwisting Iron Rajni Ayasa
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 84-85

The Monastery of Untwisting Iron is one of the four Houses of Perfection, the most prestigious monasteries of Jalmeray. The fighting prowess of monks of the Monastery of Untwisting Iron is so well known, that the rich and powerful from across the Inner Sea region send their young to train here. Many of these students find that their training helps gift them with both martial powers, and a bond with their adopted homeland that often transcends previous familial and national ties. The Monastery of Untwisting Iron is arguably currently the most prestigious of the Houses of Perfection, because as of 4708 AR they had won the Challenge of Sky and Heaven for the last two years running.1 Adepts of Untwisting Iron master monastic weaponry, particularly ones constructed of earth metals.2

Members of the Monastery of Untwisting Iron are known to be interested in Tarrasque, a highly destructive Spawn of Rovagug, and see in this mythological monster a perfect melding of purpose, form and action.3


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