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A moonflower.

Any land
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 192
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Moonflowers are carnivorous plants with rudimentary intelligence from beyond the sphere of Golarion. Flesh-hungry and dangerous, these foul plants pose a danger to anyone who comes near them.1


Moonflowers normally stretch to over twenty feet tall and can reach four feet in diameter. The plants that fuel moonflowers' inter-planetary reproduction cycles are even larger, sometimes reaching heights as tall as a castle turret, though these plants are rare. A moonflower resembles a huge, vine-like tendril covered in alien flowers and strange, light-exuding nodules. Atop this central vine is a clam-like, bulbous growth which functions as the moonflower's mouth. Beneath a moonflower's central stem stretches a network of roots seemingly dug into the ground but which are actually remarkably agile and allow the moonflower to move at the speed of a walking humanoid.1

Habitat and ecology

Moonflowers can be found nearly anywhere that there is food, as they are incredibly hardy plants. They can travel vast distances across entire continents, obstructed only by large bodies of water, as moonflowers breathe through their root system. When moonflowers do travel, it tends to be in vast herds, moving like some natural disaster across the land and eating anyone in their path. Luckily these herds are rare, as most creatures recognize the moonflower's alien nature and flee from them, depriving them of their terrestrial method of reproduction. The first moonflower was found generations ago in the land of Numeria.1

Normal moonflowers live for less than a month and do not have time for complex pollination and seeds. They instead reproduce by consuming living creatures and using their remains to spawn more moonflowers. Despite their above-animal intelligence, moonflowers are driven by instinct to consume and reproduce as often as possible, as only one in every hundred moonflowers are capable of the inter-planetary reproduction that they use to survive. These rare creatures can grow to the proportions of castle towers, live for decades, and scatter their moonflower seed-pods into outer space.1

On distant worlds

Moonflowers are quite rare on Golarion, but can be found with greater frequency on Castrovel, Triaxus, and Golarion's moon.2


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