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Queen of Irrisen
3513 AR (removed from Golarion)

Queen Morgannan was the second ruler of Irrisen and ascended to the throne after Baba Yaga removed her predecessor (and sister), Queen Jadwiga, from power in 3413 AR. Morgannan would herself rule for 100 years until she too was removed by the Queen of Witches in 3513 AR.1


In 3444 AR, Queen Morgannan discovered a plot on her life hatched by the Jadwiga descendants of the first queen of Irrisen. The plotters were headquartered in the Hoarwood capital of Vonosh, and killed the Queen's daughter, the Duchess Anisya. Morgannan flew into a righteous fury, descending upon the city and killing all of Jadwiga's descendants, along with over 3,000 of the city's other residents. After razing the city to the ground, Queen Morgannan commanded that a new capital be carved from a gigantic oak in the Hoarwood, naming the settlement after the forest.2

The Jadwiga Morgannan

Although Queen Morgannan and the first generation of her children were removed from Golarion 1,200 years ago, her grandchildren and their descendants stayed behind to become Irrisen's first ruling class. Called the Jadwiga Morgannan, these descendants still live in that northern land, traditionally making their home in Algidheart, the capital of the province of Bleakmarch. There they congregate in the mercantile center of the city known as the Hanging Markets, which are overseen by their matriarch, Riina Morgannan.3

A full list of Morgannan's descendants include:


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