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A mosslord battles humanoids.

Temperate forests
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 194–195

Mosslords are massive and ancient six-limbed plant creatures that rage against the encroachment of civilization upon nature.1


A mosslord's wooden body stands more than 15 feet tall and is covered in thick flesh-like moss. Its wooden head is shaped in a skeletal form, and while it appears constructed, it is a natural, sentient being.1


A mosslord's four clawed hands can curse its victims' limbs and turn them into immobile branches of deadwood. It can extend sheets of poisonous moss around it and expel balls of yellow mold spores.1

Upon its death, a mosslord decomposes like most plants. However, at least 60 days after its death—longer if it must wait for winter to thaw—and even if its remains are destroyed, a dead mosslord regrows at the site where it was slain.1


Mosslords are poorly understood creatures and too ancient for their origins to be known. False rumors suggest only one exists, but multiple mosslords run rampant, even if only one is ever seen at a time. Ancient drawings on long-ruined cities depict their fury against humanity and its advances on nature.1

On Golarion

Mosslords are among the plant creatures said to dwell among the Towers of Heaven in what remains of Azlant.2


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