Mother Ravel

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Mother Ravel

Alchemist (vivisectionist) 14 / Trickster 7
Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 14

Mother Ravel is perhaps the best-known of the ancient curates who still inhabit the Star Towers built by the god Dou-Bral to hold Rovagug imprisoned within Golarion. Her home for the past countless eons is now known as the Tower of Slant Shadows, and is located on the southwestern plains of the shadowy realm of Nidal. Even though she is now thoroughly evil and serves Zon-Kuthon, both she and her patron god still honor the ancient agreement to keep the Rough Beast from ever emerging from his torpor. To this end, she mercilessly slaughters anyone who dares enter, or even approach the tower. Though she is older than almost any other living thing on the planet (except her fellow remaining curates), she is still simply a human, kept from aging a day by the Midnight Lord's grace as long as she remains within the tower and fulfills her duty. 12


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