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Nalbia and Myralka.
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Cloud giant
Class Witch 8
Gender Female
Familiar Myralka, an air elemental

Source: Shadow of the Storm Tyrant, pg(s). 47

Nalbia is a cloud giant witch working alongside the storm giant tyrant Volstus to bring an age of giant rule over Avistan.


Nalbia spent her early life traveling alongside her only family, her twin brother Nalbur, until she decided to seek out the legendary cloud giant sky castle of Zephyr Hall, where she became a concubine to its aging lord Azarth. Nalbia had hoped to put herself in a position to take control of the sky castle once Azarth died. Her plans were impeded, however, by Renfal, the keep's high priest and leader of its cloud engineers. Renfal felt that Nalbia's ascension to the throne would lead to a bloody and destructive power struggle among the denizens of Zephyr Hall, and so vetoed her rise. Wishing for revenge against the priest and to secure her desired power, Nalbia waited for one of her brother's visits to the keep and instructed him to seek out Volstus, a notorious storm giant warlord who had been rising in prominence within giant society.

Nalbur succeeded in contacting the warlord and, after a first meeting that quickly escalated into a duel for dominance that Volstus won, returned to Zephyr Hall to inform Nalbia of his new alliance and of their plan to take over the hall. Soon after, Zephyr Hall passed close to Ashpeak, a volcano home to a fire giant clan allied with Volstus. Volstus himself crippled the castle with a volley of conjured meteorites, after which Nalbia and Nalbur persuaded the cloud giants to set down in Ashpeak's caldera for repairs. Volstus's forces quickly overran the castle, slaughtering those cloud giants who did not back Nalbia and torturing Renfal for the secrets of the sky castle's operation before killing him.[1]

Nalbia herself is an ally of great importance to Volstus, as most of the giants in Zephyr Hall—reamed Ironcloud Keep after its fall to Volstus—follow the warlord due to their loyalty to Nalbia herself. It is currently Nalbia's hope to reinstate herself into a similar position in Volstus's court as the one she enjoyed in Azarth's, and perhaps to seize an even more eminent title, such as queen, in the process.[2]


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