Air elemental

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Air elemental
An air elemental.

Elementals composed of pure air and as mercurial as a storm's wind, air elementals are at home on the Elemental Plane of Air but can also be found on Golarion wherever wind is at its most intense.1


Air elementals are composed mostly of air and can assume a variety of forms and sizes, but all are known for their speed, elusiveness, and stealth. Known forms include the bird-like zephyr hawk, living whirlwinds, invisible phades, and massive storm-like elemental hurricanes.1


Air elementals are somewhat averse to the ground, finding the need to move only in two dimensions stifling and preferring to attack flying foes if given the choice. Interestingly, air elementals can move through water without drowning as they have no need to breathe, but doing so greatly reduces their maneuverability.2

On Golarion

Air elementals dwell for the most part on the Elemental Plane of Air, where they soar carefree through the endless azure skies. While they are often summoned by wizards, sorcerers, and other magic users, most resent the intrusion and long to fly through their home plane again. Some, however, relish life in the Universe, finding themselves inherently drawn to the wonders of the world: dancing across windswept deserts, and frolicking around the pinnacles of the highest mountains.2[citation needed] They are often attracted to strange geographical features where air interacts differently with the land, such as the Painted Flutes in Katapesh.3

Known air elementals

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Prominent air elementals include:

  • Shanaria, former spymaster and right hand of Duchess of All Winds, Hshurha, Shanaria broke with the queen of air elementals and now lives in exile at the heart of the Storm of Fangs.4


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