Narlaguut Haraxis

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Narlaguut Haraxis
Titles Ambassador of Nex
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Aristocrat 6
Gender Male
Homeland Nex

Source: Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh, pg(s). 36

Ambassador Narlaguut Haraxis resides with his entourage of slaves and advisors in the Nexian Embassy in the city of Katapesh. He spends much of his time in court at the Palace of the Pactmasters and watching the council meetings. His main duty is to maintain goodwill between Nex and Katapesh. He spends much of his spare time at Zandrek's Pesh Palace and the Golden Scarab.[1]

Several assassination attempts against Haraxis have been made and, as a result, he always uses magical protections on himself and a small army of loyal mages, priests and soldiers. A member of the Steel Falcons has infiltrated his staff of servants, attempting to gain Nexian secrets and hinder the slave trade upon which both Katapesh and Nex thrive. The spy has come to the attention of Haraxis, and the Steel Falcons are trying to get word to the unaware spy in danger.[1]