Natalya Yagevna

This article contains spoilers for the following products: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight, Red Revolution
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Natalya Yagevna
Titles White Witch
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Witch 14
Gender Female
Homeland Irrisen
Organization White Witches; Frost Floe Coven, Shadow Lodge
Companion(s) Skelg the Ripper (husband), Haldyr Bjornsson (former husband)

Source: Red Revolution, pg(s). 14

Natalya Yagevna is a White Witch from the land of Irrisen, and a former member of the Frost Floe Coven, the original creators of a magic item called the Beacon of the North.[1]


Natalya is a pale, beautiful Irriseni woman from a minor noble family, and generally maintains a calm air of superiority.[2][3]


The White Witch is known to have had two Ulfen husbands: the longship captain Haldyr Bjornsson, and the Pathfinder Skelg the Ripper.[4]


Through her second husband, Skelg the Ripper, Natalya is thought to have been a member of the traitorous Shadow Lodge faction of the Pathfinder Society.[5]