Haldyr Bjornsson

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Haldyr Bjornsson

Jarl, Captain
Wight (formerly Ulfen human)
On or before 4708 AR

Jarl Haldyr Bjornsson was an Ulfen warrior and captain of the longship Saltspray. Despite his cultural prejudices, Haldyr took on the exiled White Witch Natalya Yagevna as part of his crew and later married her. Upon his death, Haldyr's body was placed on a funeral barge headed toward Valenhall along with his wife, who was placed on the ship as a sacrifice. The story did not end there, however, as the funeral barge, laden with valuable funerary goods (including Natalya's powerful magical lantern called the Beacon of the North) was raided by Skelg the Ripper, an Ulfen warrior and secret Pathfinder. Skelg and his crew slew Haldyr's honor guard and looted all they could (including the Beacon) but left Natalya behind with her husband's corpse. Before they left, the Beacon of the North started generating intense magical cold around the barge, slowly causing an iceberg to form around the ship and trapping Natalya within. After their departure, Haldyr rose as a wight, greatly angered by the desecration of his funeral barge. Seemingly still clinging to a shred of his humanity, Haldyr refused to attack his wife, who was eventually rescued from her entombment by a group of Pathfinders.123