Beacon of the North

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Beacon of the North
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
Caster Level (1E)
Wondrous item
Slot (1E)
Source: Lost Treasures, pg(s). 19

The Beacon of the North is a ship's lantern that looks like an oversized bullseye lantern. Its activation requires an oil whose creation is known only to the White Witches of Irrisen, specifically the members of the destroyed Frost Floe Coven. When powered by this special oil, the Beacon of the North has three main powers:1

  • It allows the wielder to create a beam of cold drawn from from the frozen north that not only causes damage to the target but fatigues her as well.1
  • When the cold beam is focused on a picture of a ship, it creates a 5-foot-wide portal that allows instantaneous travel between the picture and the actual vessel.1
  • When hung on the prow of any ship, the Beacon of the North creates a teleportation portal big enough to transport the vessel and all of its crew to Whitethrone harbor in Irrisen.1


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