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Nereids are aquatic fey similar to naiads, but who are not bound to specific bodies of water. They can create magical shawls to imbue themselves with the ability to move on dry land.1


Nereids most often appear as beautiful humanoid bathing in water with a shawl.2[citation needed]


A nereid's touch floods its victim's lungs with water, and can drown a victim within seconds. They also emit a beguiling aura that can compel creatures who are sexually attracted to their form to approach them. They are also venomous on contact and through spray.2[citation needed]

When underwater, a nereid can become transparent at will.2[citation needed]


A nereid can invest a portion of its power into a shawl, which it can create and dismiss at will. This shawl also provides nereids, which are normally aquatic creatures, with the ability to breathe air. If a nereid's shawl is forcefully destroyed, its owner loses their ability to breathe air and is slowly drained of its life.2[citation needed]


Nereids are deeply isolationist beings, and mostly wish to avoid humanoid society while being themselves left alone to enjoy the beauty of nature. Nereids deeply resent the common humanoid mistake of lumping aquatic fey, most commonly naiads, nereids and rusalkas, into a single category of "aquatic tempters", and lack the patience naiads have for educating humanoids away from this error. Nereids also loathe rusalkas for being the source of these legends, and attempt to drive out rusalkas who dwell near them in order to avoid having their actions drive nearby humanoids into attacking all local fey.2[citation needed]

Known nereids


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