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Southern Avistan
Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 38

Nicyruse was an ancient city of the Jistka Imperium located in southern Avistan, on the Inner Sea coast. It housed one of the largest temple-forges in all the Imperium, rivaling even that of Rachikan. Unfortunately when Jistka's doom became imminent, divine earthquakes tore the region apart and city's forges were abandoned. Now the seaside ruins of Nicyruse have mostly eroded away by the Inner Sea.1

Reports from the Chelish city of Hinji state that a recent storm has cleared a new entrance to the buried site. Fisherfolk say that mechanical creatures now move up and down the shore near the ruins, grabbing fish from the ocean with their bare hands and taking them back into the ruins. The Pathfinder Society has called for adventurers to explore the ruins and bring back any information about lost Jistka.1


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