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Large city
13,400 humans, 750 halflings, 250 tieflings, 56 other
Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 23-25

Hinji is a Chelish port city in the Archduchy of Longmarch, located on the Inner Sea west of Longmast Cape and east of Macini.12


Hinji is ruled by Lord-Mayor Tareth Ivici, who earned the title by eliminating or exiling the rest of his dishonored noble family and petitioning Queen Abrogail II. Lord-Mayor Ivici claims the Queen granted him the devil Ivirno as an advisor, a claim some in town believe is a ruse borne of a disguised tiefling.3


Once a wealthy city and home to several Chelish noble families, Hinji—like many other old Chelish cities—was torn apart when its nobles chose sides during the Chelish Civil War. When Tareth Ivici maneuvered his way to the seat of lord-mayor, he quickly clashed with the city's other authorities.

Since Lord-Mayor Ivici's ascent, the city has struggled with crime and homelessness, largely driven by a widespread addiction to a potent drug (see Drug use).2

Chelish Navy

Hinji is home to Fort Gorthoklek, a large Chelish naval base on the western end of the city harbor under the command of Admiral Anabeth Grinceen.3 The base trains recruits and officers,4 and Admiral Grinceen worries that Lord-Mayor Ivici's lax rule over the city's criminal elements results in her officers compromising themselves.3

Drug use

A new drug has become popular in Hinji as of late: ice tears. A powerful hallucinogenic, ice tears causes increased euphoria in the user, and increased resistance to cold. The drug is especially common among the city's fishermen, and some believe that it is brought to Hinji by Garundi smugglers. Others doubt this theory, believing it to be a local product distilled by wizards from the blood of daemons. Whatever its origin, ice tears use has grown in the past few years, and it seems to only be a matter of time before its spreads to other parts of Cheliax. The supply and distribution of the drug in Hinji is controlled by a cartel known as the Sons of the Tear, which has grown so powerful that it operates nearly unchecked by the city guard.53

Homeless addicts crowd Ivici Square north of Fort Gorthoklek, and a charitable organization called the Ladies in Gray tends to addicts in the District of Ashes west of Ivici Manor.3


Paizo published a map of Hinji in Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, p.24.

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