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Night Monarch

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Night Monarch
Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, good, herald)
CR 15
Environment Any (Elysium)

Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 284

The Night Monarch is the divine herald of the goddess Desna. While known as a goddess of dreams and travel, her herald is more than capable of defending Desna's faithful when necessary.[1]


The Night Monarch looks like an enormous winged insectoid with a wingspan of 40 feet. Its wings are brightly colored, and while the exact color and pattern changes with every sighting, they always exude sparkling stardust. Its head looks more like a brightly colored moth than a butterfly, and its tail ends in what look like three peacock feathers.[2]

Habitat and ecology

As a herald, the Night Monarch goes wherever Desna commands and does not have a fixed habitat. Similarly, the star monarch's habitat is unknown. As an outsider, the Night Monarch is not a part of the natural order, though butterflies and moths seem to be attracted to it and accompany it in flight.[3]

Star monarchs

Longdreamer, a star monarch.

Believed to be the semi-divine offspring of the Night Monarch, star monarchs are a race of rare butterfly-like creatures. They resemble their progenitor in appearance but lack the Night Monarch's advanced intelligence. Most people on Golarion, and especially followers of Desna, consider seeing a star monarch to be a sign of good luck.[3]